Sunday, April 29, 2012

mostly just pictures of stuff

So first of all, thanks so much to the South Carolina Medical Association for having me come and speak.  Is it uncool to admit that I've never been a keynote speaker for anything before, so it was just super-exciting for me to say that I was?  Anyway, it was a honor to be there, and the location wasn't bad either.  I figure planning conferences in South Carolina are just full of tough decision, choosing between one incredibly scenic location over another.

Anyway my original intent was to bring Joe and the kids, but I was speaking on a Saturday afternoon, and everyone has school or work on Monday (I'm actually on call tomorrow night), and in the end it didn't make financial sense to buy four plane tickets to fly in for, like, a day and a half.  So instead I just looked at all the other kids on the beach and felt morose.

Anyway, this morning I took a really early morning flight home and took my kids to the playground and Lo, everyone was happy.

Hope you had a good weekend too.  And if you live in Atlanta and are thinking about rupturing your aortic aneurysm anytime soon, please do me a favor and try not to do it tomorrow night OK THANKS BYE.


  1. Love the pictures! Are these really iPhone photos - or are you using some fancy-type camera? (I believe that is the technical term).

  2. Thanks! iPhone photos, edited with the Snapseed photo app, which is my new boyfriend.

  3. Anonymous6:38 PM


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