Sunday, September 14, 2003


I finally got fed up with the fact that we live in squalor and cleaned up the living room. This involved sweeping up roughly three bales of dog hair and destroyed-toy-fuzz from the floor, Swiffering the whole works (I love the Swiffer), and then spraying the entire couch with copious amounts of Febreeze. I know that Febreeze is kind of gross, not unlike those people who coat themselves with cologne rather than bathing, but I honestly can't figure out a good way to clean our couch right now. So Febreeze it is. Joe is actually a much better cleaner than I am--for example, whereas I wash the floor around the furniture, he actually moves all the furniture out of the room so that he can clean the entire floor, not just the visible parts.

Looks like there's another street fair going on today, stretching up Second Avenue. It appears a little sparse though, with a lot of space between booths. Maybe people didn't set up because they thought it was going to rain. We'll probably take a stroll up to see what the vendors are hawking, though--we may be able to score some irregular bed linens. Woo, irregular bed linens!