Sunday, September 14, 2003

saturday movie fest

See, this is the problem with taking a "nap" at 7 o'clock in the evening. You wake up at 11pm and can't sleep for the rest of the night.

What a lazy day today. Joe's on call through tomorrow morning, and while I had to wake up early for an appointment, I had nothing much going on for the rest of the day. Just me and the dog, spending some time together. Did you know that it's the dog's first birthday next week? (OK, pretend I didn't just say that, as it implies that I actually sat down and calculated her birthday to the day. But I did. It's September 17th.)

I wandered over to Astor Place and got a haircut which I can't really decide if I like or not--I gave the stylist free reign, since I was so sick of my current anti-style. She ended up cutting off three inches and gave me "long bangs," also thinning out the bottom, but the total effect is something of a mullet. I'm white trash! Well, it really doesn't matter much, I guess, since I always wear my hair up anyway. But now I have these little pieces (the "bangs") that are too short to stay up in the ponytail. Hell, who gives a shit, it was time for a change anyway. Also, the mullet is back, so I hear.

Ended up caving in to the siren song of unlimited movies and ended up getting that Blockbuster's movie pass. Turns out there were two passes, a 2-movie pass (meaning you could have two movies out at any one time) for $25, and a 3-movie pass for $30. I got the two movie pass. Woo, no late fees! Now I wish we had just gotten it right off, the card would have already paid itself off for the month by now. My only reservation is that I hear that Blockbuster is run by the Christian right and that they edit all the movies that they rent out, taking out the racy sinful parts and whatnot. (They do that on in-flight movies too.) But I really won't be able to confirm it until I rent a movie that I've already seen.

I see the Blockbusters movie pass as an extension of my "film project," a pretentious way of saying that I want to watch a lot of good movies and don't care if no one wants to watch them with me. Today I rented two movies, "White Oleander" and "The Good Girl." Both were kind of chick flicks, I guess, though the latter was more of the indie variety and therefore more difficult to classify as such.

"White Oleander," I scoffed at when it first came out. It just looked like such a weep-fest, and the blondeness on that movie poster was just so blinding that I had to turn away and shield my eyes. But it got really good reviews, and I was interested to see what all the fuss was about re: Allison Loman, so I just rented the damn thing. Does Renee Zellwegger really look that old and puffy, or was that just part of her role for the movie? Also, does Michelle Pfeiffer really look that young, or is she some sort of alien species?

"The Good Girl," eh. It was kind of light, much more comedic and much less dark than was billed. More creepy suburban imagery, what with the Retail Rodeo and such. Don't see all the fuss about Jennifer Aniston in that role, her acting was just like that on "Friends" but sleepier. Love John C. Reilly, though. And it's really quite spooky how Jake Gyllenhaal is a total clone of Tobey Maguire, only more built and handsome looking. He's like genetically-enhanced Tobey Maguire, but not as good an actor.

Next on the list: "Bowling for Columbine"