Thursday, September 18, 2003


Argh, my tendonitis has gone from bad to worse. I've even tried to figure out the anatomic origin--I think the tendon of by abductor hallucis brevis is inflamed, occasionally getting pinned and stuck under my extensor retinaculum. This creates a occasional and unpredictable piercing pain in my wrist whenever I move my thumb skyward, and a click when I move my thumb down, which is the tendon scraping over the top of whatever was keeping it locked in the first place. This has become increasingly debilitating, especially since it's in my dominant hand, and as I primate, I like to use my thumbs. Motrin helps, but I keep getting paranoid that I'm taking too much and am going to push myself into kidney failure.

I'm tired tonight, aren't you? Maybe the hurricane will hit so hard tomorrow that work will be cancelled. Wouldn't that be nice? I could stay in bed all day long while it rained outside, and maybe go out to see the new Woody Allen movie later in the evening once the storm passed. I guess I could still do that last part.

I guess I must be living in the hills of Tora Bora, but I didn't hear until this morning that J. Lo and Ben Affleck broke up. Broke! Up! Man, if those two lovebirds can't stay together, there just isn't any hope for the rest of us. Yes, but seriously folks, I totally called it, the fact that they would never go through with the wedding (vs. the leading theory that they would actually get hitched, but then quickie-divorce in 5 months). I only wish I had placed some money on it now, in retrospect.

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