Wednesday, September 10, 2003

the soft sell

Did you know that Blockbusters has this deal where, if you pay $30 a month, you can rent unlimited video and keep them out as long as you want with no due dates or late fees? You think, "how can I watch $30 worth of movies a month?" But lo, do the math--that's only six rentals. And while I definitely don't watch six movies a month now, nor is it something that I'm sure I want to work at, we already rented three movies from Blockbuster after getting our membership just this past week, and the month ain't over yet.

* Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Ugh. Dirty medieval-looking types and swordplay. Hate Elijah Wood.

* The Best of Saturday Night Live: Will Ferrell. Hee. This was just to have on in the background while I was doing something else, but it was funny. I want Will Ferrell to be my baby daddy.

* Punch-Drunk Love. Cute, as I discussed before, but not as good as "Magnolia."

I think that I was really tempted by the $30 unlimited monthly membership, but the Blockbusters employee working the register was all crazed and aggressive explaining the deal to us, so I just really wanted to end the conversation and leave. I'm surprised Joe didn't go for it, though. He's the king of the soft sell. He always gets fries with that. He always wants to save an additional $10 and get $15 free with every $500 purchase by signing up for a card. I just basically want all salespeople to stop talking to me, not prolong our interaction for even a moment longer than necessary.

Dammit, and now the movies we rented this weekend are overdue. I think I have a problem returning things on time. In high school, the library loved me for all the revenue I generated with all my late fees.

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