Saturday, October 25, 2003


Poor Coop!

Incidentally, that photo was taken with Joe's new T-Mobile Sidekick, which I hope to recieve myself once deigns to send it. I actually called Customer Support to complain, since I had ordered next day deliver last Sunday, and as you can see, I did not receive it next day, nor the day after, nor the day after that or after that. It's not great picture quality, obviously, but its for on the go, and what the hell, man, it's not like for our honeymoon photos or anything like that. The other morning, Joe tried to take pictures of these four prostitutes that hang out around Little India in our neighborhood early in the morning, trying to pick up cab drivers. That's what the Sidekick cameras is for. Taking pictures of ladies of the night and our retarded cone-head dog.

She's still pretty looped out from the anesthesia and pre-anesthesia tranquilizers, but I think she's starting to come out of it, though. For one, she's walking around again (though a little unsteady), and mildly interested in food. However, she's still so sleepy and she keeps whining and trying to lick at her stitches, and it makes me sad to look at her with her tail down and her giant bald patch.

And is it wrong that I'm more worried about our dog's laceration than I was about any of the kid last night whose AM blood draw showed a phosphorous of 13.4? I mean, it had to be lab error...right?

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