Saturday, October 25, 2003

cooper update

Our dog, she is traumatized. Not really by the injury, which she barely noticed, but by the medical intervention. She's in a post-op daze, like the one I was in after I had my appendix out and all I could do was sleep, feel nauseated, and totter unsteadily to the bathroom, only to find that (probably secondary to the succinylcholine) I couldn't pee. My godmother, who came to visit me when I was in the slam, told me sagely, "Chinese people react strongly to anesthesia." I don't know about that, but I was zonked for at least 48 hours after surgery. And our dog, she is half-Chinese.

She's not hungry. Not thirsty. She's super clingy, following us around from room to room, swaying unsteadily on her feet. I think the area where she has her stitches is really hurting her. When you pet even close to the bald spot, she'll jerk those muscles, like how horses do when they have flies on them. Also, it's extra pathetic because she can't understand that the cone is like a force-field around her head and therefore keeps walking into things. (The barbituates they gave her probably don't help with reasoning it all out either.) I hate the cone, I wish she didn't have to wear it, but when we take it off, she just starts messing with the site and the last thing we need is for her to chew it open again. I'm worried, actually, that there's a collection forming under there--it was a deep lac, and I know that the vet was considering putting in a drain, though decided against it at the last minute. It's obviously tender, but hard to tell if its fluctuant, since she won't let us touch there, or erythematous, because of the dark fur-stubble. Also, how the hell would I know if she even had a fever or not? What's the normal body temperature for dogs? And we only have one thermometer in this house. I'm not sticking our oral human thermometer up the dog's butt.

Joe's on call, but I'll keep an eye on her tomorrow. If she starts to look worse, I'm taking her back to the vet.

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