Sunday, November 02, 2003

downtown to chinatown

What a beautiful day today. The weather was unseasonably warm, in the 70's yesterday, high 60's today. Tomorrow's predicted high is 77 degrees. Wish I could play hookie.

Today I met my family downtown for lunch. My sister was getting her hair cut in Chinatown. I think Chinatown haircuts could go one of two ways: really good, because they understand Asian hair, or really awful, because they give you these super-thinned, layer-y, jagged-edge pixie-bang cuts that you see in all the Japanese fashion magazines, and you just have to wear a bag over your head for a month while it grows out. But I think that my sister ended up with the former. At least, everyone else likes it. She's still pouting because they made her bangs too short, but suck it up, woman. There was also a woman in the salon sitting next to her getting the Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment (tm), and I was absolutely captivated. I wish my hair was all slippery and straight, like that stereotypical Asian hair. Mine is more of the wavy frizzy variety. But it's occasionally fairly straight, so wouldn't that make it a total rip to pay hundreds of dollars for Japanese Hair Straightening (tm)? And wouldn't it totally wreck the structure of your hair in the long run? All these things are true, but oh, how I long for the stick-straight hair sometimes.

We met up with my parents at their office and went for Malaysian food. I never had Malay food before. (Have I?) It's very pungent and spicy, but very tasty too. They have these very hot and sour noodle soups that you have to kind of get used to, but if you're adventurous palate-wise, I'd give it a go. Top-notch curry too, even though I don't usually like so much coconut milk. I brought some take-out home for dinner.

After our late lunch, as any day out in Chinatown concludes, we stopped by the knock-off bag palace, where we almost got trampled my the five million Jersey grandmothers loudly demanding Louis Vuitton. For photos to accompany the above commentary, click here. Thank you, little phone cam!