Wednesday, November 05, 2003


Did you know that my sister interviewed for medical school today at my institution? Well, now you do, because I just told you.

I think I was freaking out more than her. First, I wrote a letter to the Dean of Admissions, basically telling him that we were related. Well, no, it said more than that, but it was like, "blah blah blah, had a great four years here, blah blah blah, sticking around another three years for residency because I can't get enough of this wild ride, blah bling blah, glad my sister has a chance to interview, bling bling blah, hope you get a chance to meet her." I mean, I don't know if its going to make a huge difference that I wrote that letter (I was neither an especially well-known or illustrious student during my tenure) but I figured it couldn't hurt.

Then, I met her at the admissions office before her tour and took a bunch of goofy pictures of her in the hallway, and of the sign in front of the admissions suite that they always post up, telling everyone what colleges are represented for the interview day. (Note the zoom in on Williams, my sister's soon-to-be alma mater.) I didn't want to embarass her in front of the other interviewees so I didn't take a picture of her in the interview sweet, but oh, I was tempted. Around noonish, they all went on their little tour/lunch meet-and-greet with the first year students (so young, they are), and I met her back afterwards so that I could walk her to her interviewer's office down the block. Yes, it was but 100 feet down the block, but I didn't want her to get lost. While waiting for her interview to finish, I went to the bookstore and bought her a university sweatshirt as a souvenir. (Only $20! It saves to buy children's sizes, so you know. The adult sweatshirts were, like, $50.)

While waiting for her interview to finish up, I camped out at this cafe across the street from the ER to meet her afterwards so that we could take the subway downtown together. This cafe, I noticed, has just aquired a new computer in the back. Does that now make it an internet cafe? Internet capabilities aside, this is one of the more upscale eateries in the neighborhood (which isn't saying much--"Dallas BBQ" is where you might go for a fancy night out), and it's actually become so successful that its slowly and insidiously expanding to take over the entire block. Already, the new Children's Hospital has asked the cafe to open up a storefront in the lobby. Free frittatas and brie for all the residents?

Also at the bookstore, I bought a new book, "The Secret Lives of Bees." Everyone's talking about it (or they were, a few months ago--can't quite seem to catch onto bestsellers until they're past their peak popularity) so I figured it could be worth a go. Better be more interesting than "The Life of Pi." I don't care how many prizes it won, that shit was boring.

(For the pictures accompanying this entry, see today's photolog.)

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