Monday, November 17, 2003

sweet valley memories, continued

And this memory, via e-mail from my sister:

you forgot the best one of all.

suzanne devlin, visiting from nyc, and therefore that much more worldly and saavy. and...EVIL. she makes everyone think that mr. collins (who looks just like a young robert redford) attacked her! and she steals elizabeth's lavaliere! the identical lavaliere that jessica wears around her neck! ahhh! that was also the cover where she's looking into that giant mirror and i thought it was a lollipop.

Yes, that one was truly excellent. Note the subtle use of the last name "Devlin." Because she's EVIL like the DEVIL, get it? GET IT? (Off-topic, kinda: doesn't it seem like the words "evil" and "devil" should rhyme, since they're practically spelled the same? Same with "cough" and "dough.") But the real question that still plagues me to this day is...what the hell is a lavaliere?

Sweet Valley High is very People From Other Places Teach Us Lessons. Like that one story from "Sweet Valley Twins" (I know, "Sweet Valley TWINS," the series for the tween set, about when Elizabeth and Jessica were twelve) where Ginny Lu Culpepper (the real name of the character, no joke) comes to visit from the Ozarks or something, and of course Jessica and her friends (including the up-til-now-greviously-unmentioned Lila Fowler) make fun of her because she's a hick and has all hayseeds and such sticking out of her hair. Her TWIN RED BRAIDS, as depicted on the cover, like, how perfect. Also, I believe she is partial to gingham dresses. But then she teaches everyone to make corncob dolls or something homespun, and everyone is like, "new girl, you alllll-RIGHT!" Because no one is going to think you're a HICK if you make and play with dolls out of CORN COBS. Jeez.

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