Saturday, February 28, 2004

party, pizza party

Do you remember that board game from the 80s? The object was to fill up your slice of pizza with fillings. The jingle continues, "You could lose if you have to switch, so you'd better be sharp, you'd better be swift!" Even then, I realized that Pizza Party truly was a game for morons. Hungry Hungry Hippos, though...

So SPEAKING of Hungry Hungry Hippos, we just had a party at our place. People just left a little while ago after I started pointedly cleaning stuff up. These medicine party animals. They wear lampshades on their heads, they do. The genius of our party is that it was potluck, so now we have wine, cheese and cracker contributions enough to feed us into the next century. Also, some beer and day old donuts. (Some dastardly partygoers already ate all the choice selections with chocolate and/or sprinkles, though. There is a high density of crullers in what remains.) Beer and donuts: our house is a frat boy's dream! But, from the wine and cheese perspective, we are also a pretentious bacchanal's dream! Except maybe not so pretentious--some of the wine is in box form. Have you ever opened up the box of box wine? There's, like, a plastic wine udder in there. A wine bladder. Isn't that what people used to carry around their wine in during biblical times? Do you think if I went to see that new "The Gory Death of Jesus" movie, they would feature wines in sheep bladders?

I'm not even drunk, I swear.