Thursday, February 26, 2004

viral badness

After working both Saturday and Sunday in the ER, seeing seemingly hundreds and hundreds of children all with the same chief complaint (I was like that old Johnny Carson act, where he puts the envelope up to his forehead: "Fever, vomiting, diarrhea...") I had picked up a touch of the stomach uglies myself and spend much of Monday stumbling around, my face a kind of interesting chartreuse color. Have you tried Thera-Flu? That stuff is good! And not as nasty tasting as you might think, if you drink it very hot. Kinda like lemonade. Lemonade with little Motrins, Sudafeds and Benadryls dissolved in it. The ultimate party drink!

And now I'm back to normal. As illnesses go, not too bad. I don't know how I avoided getting sick up until now, and how I managed to get off with just a micro-illness this time around. Working in the ER during flu season, on the wards during bronchiolitis season and a rotavirus outbreak, even just generally being around kids 24/7. Walking germ factories, they are. My immune system must be working overtime.

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