Tuesday, March 30, 2004

two totally unrelated things

Have you noticed that ever since M&Ms started to come in colors again (whose crazy marketing scheme was that anyway, black and white M&Ms?) the colors are much more vivid than before? Don't believe me? Buy a bag and check it out. Not only has the packaging changed (they now feature a more rounded "dynamic" font and cut-away window to simulate peeking into the bag) but the colors of the Ms are all ramped up. You'll especially notice it in the blue, I think. It's gone from navy blue to neon crazy blue. I just hope the dye in it doesn't contain arsenic or some damn thing.

They just started work on our leaky balcony Monday, which means I returned home post-call to find three workmen outside my bedroom window jackhammering up the foundation and pouring hot tar all over the floor. Lovely. No, seriously, it was really loud, and totally vibrating the entire apartment besides. I wished at that point that I didn't throw out those free neon orange earplugs they gave us when we took the Boards, although that's kind of a gross idea, keeping old nasty earplugs around for years and years. Finally I went all the way to the back of the apartment, lay down in the guestroom, and put little bits of kneadable eraser in my ears to block out the noise. And you know what, it worked pretty well, and I was able to sleep for a couple of hours. I always knew that old kneadable eraser would serve some kind of a purpose. Good thing, too, because it sure doesn't erase very well.

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