Monday, April 26, 2004

364 days

It's nasty out, and cold all over again. It was raining on this day last year too, all grey and gloomy the evening of our rehearsal dinner. We thought it would portend poorly for the wedding the next day, but we were pleasantly surprised to be gifted with a dazzlingly sunny Spring day, really, the only good-weather weekend day we had that whole month. Last Spring was like monsoon season on the East Coast.

So tomorrow's our one-year wedding anniversary. Crazy. I tend to be a little unfussy about such things--we didn't save the top tier of our cake, for example, because that's kind of sick (it's a freezer, not suspended animation, and I don't particularly like the taste of freezer burn), and I didn't even save my wedding bouquet, even though my co-interns were a little incredulous about this. What am I supposed to do with it? Fondle the dried up crappy stems for all eternity? It was pretty. But now the wedding is over. There are pictures. And if I want flowers, I'll buy new flowers, you know?

Not that I'm a complete unsentimental schmuck. To celebrate, we're going to Solera, the Tapas place where Joe proposed, and then to the hotel bar we went to after dinner that night to indulge in the bubbly. The only thing is, we probably won't be going out on the actual night of the anniversary itself, because it's the middle of the week ("a school night"), we both have uncertain ETAs home after work, and we both work early the next day. In fact, I'm on call again Wednesday night. Man, Q2 call and then Q3. Ai, dios no me ama.

So we're just going to save the whole brouhaha (hahahaha) for the weekend, when we have time to enjoy it. We were going to go out on Friday, but I think we're going to opening night of Andy's brother's movie (to jack up the box office numbers so he can be a Big Hollywood Success) that night instead. So Saturday it is. It's better, anyway, to save it for the weekend. That way, we have the next morning to sleep off the excesses of being the rootin' tootin' fresh-and-fruitin'-est newlyweds in medicine.

Currently reading: "Fast Food Nation". I read it already, but hey, I have to read something until my new books come.