Saturday, April 24, 2004


I didn't really notice this until I checked today, but I've been getting a lot of traffic on the mother site from various and sundry links to "Scutmonkey." (So far, "The 12 Types of Med Students" strip has been the most popular.) So much so that when I actually tried to check my own site today, I couldn't get into it, because I had exceeded my monthly bandwith--something I've never even come close to doing. Probably it's the big pictures in conjunction with the fact that I have about ten times as many people visiting as usual. Wow. I'm overwhelmed.

So today I upgraded my account to "Gold" (not that that means anything to anyone who doesn't use Homestead) and now the page is working just peachy. Peachily? As an added feature, I can actually start to sell stuff from my site via Pay Pal now, once I get my ass in gear and figure out how exactly one does that. Once that's set up, though, it'll be sweet, because as soon as I have a little more time, I'm going to start selling the first print issue of "Scutmonkey" by mail...about which more later. It will be nothing fancy, probably just 'zine style, but if there's proven interest over a couple of issues, maybe I can work on submitting to an actual publisher. (You know, like one that's not just me at the self-serve machines at Kinko's.) Thanks so much for spreading the word, everyone! Thanks,! I really do appreciate the links. (Plus, it was the multiple hits from your page that clued me off to the fact that my page was totally broken.)

But ANYWAY. Enough of the my nerd talk, I'm killing myself here. (Bandwidth? Comic books? Sweet Christ, I'm a nerdling!) If you look at the time that this entry was written, you can easily deduce that I'm on call again. (Just as a guide, almost all not-on-call entries are written before 10pm, because a girl needs her sleep when she's working for the Man every night and day. Big wheels keep on turning!) Man, I like cardiolgy and everything, but after two months, I'm getting pretty sick of being on this service. Give me any other body part to think about, please. Well, not that one.

I'm excited to get home post-call tomorrow, though, because I got e-mail confirmation that my Barnes and Noble book order just shipped, and there's nothing quite so exciting as having fresh new books to dive into when you have (most of) a day off. Oh, there's the nerdling again. I just hope I can get some sleep tonight so that I have the energy to start reading one of them. Well, if only these freaking kids would stop being all sick and stuff, maybe I wouldn't keep getting paged so damn much. "Oh, but I'm in v-tach." Yeah, cry me a river, man, I'm TRYING to SLEEP.

(See, that was a joke. But remember my scandelously bad overnight cross-cover a couple of nights ago? It really happens.)

Currently reading: Harriet Lane to look up the correct dose of aldactone for my new admit.

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