Sunday, April 25, 2004


I like the idea of a Friday/Sunday call weekend, in that it opens up two full weekends off, but when your Friday/Sunday call weekend actually arrives, man, let me tell you, it's demoralizing. Not even that I'm that busy, it just sucks to be in the hospital on a weekend as nice as this one looked to be (as observed through the windows of my patient's rooms).

Joe and I are both on call all day today through tomorrow morning, which means that the dog is at the Dog Spa, plotting dastardly escape tactics with her other hooligan dog friends. We had a nice day together yesterday, though, after I got home from work at around 9:30am, with breakfast together at the local diner and a walk across town to the paper store on 19th betweeh 5th and 6th. I don't know the name of the place, I just call it "The Paper Store," they sell all sorts of luscious things that I covet, like assorted vellums and heavy cardstock in delicious colors and textures. I don't know what it is about paper products I enjoy so much, but every time I walk into that store, I end up buying some overpriced something, even if most of the time I never end up using the blank books/paper sets/postcards because they're deemed too nice to write on. This time, I got some of this 80lb two-sided duplex cardstock that I'm planning to use as a cover for Scutmonkey #1. It's fuschia on one side and this persimmonny orange-yellow on the other, and so pretty it makes my eyes hurt. (Joe favored the aqua/lime green combo, but I told him "Get your own damn cardstock, bitch!" No, actually, I told him I'd do his colors next time, if there is a next time. But seriously...own cardstock, bitch.)

Then we walked uptown to Best Buy and got a new printer. We've been thinking about getting one for a while, but it's just so hard to coordinate our schedules to have time to look at them together that we've been putting it off for about a month. It's very groovy and multifunction, and I dig it. I just haven't really gotten a chance to use it yet. Maybe tomorrow.

I was waiting for a patient to come up to me from the ER, but just now, checking her labs, I noticed that her sodium was 169 with a K of 7.8, bicarb of 6. Whoop, and now I'm getting a transfer from the PICU. Sounds like maybe they're clearing a bed for that first kid.

Currently reading: My PICU patient's transfer note.

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