Wednesday, April 07, 2004

people with jobs cooler than mine

Hee! I've been messing around with the colors on this page. This makes me inordinately happy because I'm a sad, sad human being.

So you know what I just found out? My friend Andy's brother is a screenwriter (that's not the new information, I knew that part already) and his new movie is coming out at the end of the month! I just saw an ad for it on the bus this morning. It's called "Godsend," and I watched the trailer when I came home to confirm what I suspected was the plot. (Andy had given me a quick synopsis last year, which went something like "blah blah blah couple blah blah blah kid dies blah blah cloned blah blah clone kid turns evil blah blah and Robert Deniro's in it!" How cool to have written a screenplay for a movie! So much cooler than, say, getting shot with a stream of steaming liquid poo. Not like I have any experience with that. Ahem.

Currently reading: To Kill a Mockingbird (for only the five millionth time), and Unlikely

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