Saturday, May 15, 2004

food, folks and fun: a foto entry

Having the weekend off is the best. I get to sleep and stay out late on the same day! Amazing. Maybe I should just quit my job and hang out with friends all the time. Can I still be a "slacker," or is that not allowed anymore?

The only sad thing about all of this is that both the night out at Hallo Berlin and brunch with Brendan and Narges were goodbye events of sorts. Andy's moving to Chapel Hill in a few weeks, an Brendan and Narges are heading to Phoenix. What's the deal with the South? And I mean that in a serious, non-Seinfeld "what's the deal with.." rhetorical way. It's nice to have friends in different parts of the country to visit, but damn, it would be a lot easier to see them if they were here.

The awning of Hallo Berlin in Hell's Kitchen. I like how the restaurant is called "Hallo Berlin" (all cute and German) but they spelled it wrong on their own awning. Dumbasses.

Christina, Joe, and a plate of wursts. (We chose the bratwurst and the knockwurst.)

The Good Time Gang. Notice how Joe is very subtly starting to give me the finger.

I have a crush on Andy.

Kal and Andy. You probably can't tell from the picture, but Kal and I were dressed almost exactly identically that night.

Joe didn't quite get filled up with wursts, so he topped himself off at the end of the night with a slice.

This is the next morning, in case you can't tell from the sunlight. Joe and I met Brendan and Narges at Philip Marie, this brunch place in the Village. (The manager, Herb, is a neighbor, and his dog is friends with our dog. Yes, dogs can be friends.) I had a soft shell crab sandwich with pesto, which sounds strange, but was actually really good.

Outside the brunch place. As you can see, Brendan is freakishly tall. Or Narges and I are freakishly short. (I assure you that the former is truer than the latter, though I guess there are elements of truth to both.)

The streets of Greenwich Village. I would totally love to live there--in a house, I mean, not the streets themselves--except that I don't have $5 million dollars to burn. Maybe I should check under those couch cushions again.

This afternoon, I went to the Korean Nail place on my block for my one girly summer indulgence. There was massaging and everything! I was going for a summery color, but it looks like I ended up with bubblegum stuck on my toenails somehow. I don't think I have very attractive feet.

Currently reading: "Walk on Water". The history of pediatric cardiac surgery is really interesting. I'm learning and being entertained! All right!

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