Friday, May 21, 2004

oh lord.

Bush pauses to comfort teen.

Some excerpts from the article (The Cincinnati Enquirer, May 6):

Lynn Faulkner, his daughter, Ashley, and their neighbor, Linda Prince, eagerly waited to shake the president's hand Tuesday at the Golden Lamb Inn. He worked the line at a steady campaign pace, smiling, nodding and signing autographs until Prince spoke:

"This girl lost her mom in the World Trade Center on 9-11."

Bush stopped and turned back.

"He changed from being the leader of the free world to being a father, a husband and a man," Faulkner said. "He looked right at her and said, 'How are you doing?' He reached out with his hand and pulled her into his chest."

..."The way he was holding me, with my head against his chest, it felt like he was trying to protect me," Ashley said. "I thought, 'Here is the most powerful guy in the world, and he wants to make sure I'm safe.'"

Several things about this:

1.) I wonder what Bush's armpit smells like?

2.) I am so sick of Bush harping on September 11th like it excuses anything that he's doing over in Iraq. The fact that the Republican National convention this year is going to be in New York City, one of the most left-leaning cities in these here United States, makes me ill. It's just exploitative, trying to reinvigorate his image with that from his soaring approval rating days in 2001. Maybe he'll deliver his nomination acceptance speech from the top of a pile of rubble, standing next to a fireman.

3.) He really cares about kid, not about the "I-feel-your-pain" photo op. Look how he's looking right at her, not at the camera. Oh wait.

4.) "He wants to make sure I'm safe." I don't know about you guys, but I feel much safer living in New York now that our nation is reviled the world over.

Ah, politics. You may agree with me, you may disagree with me, but at least it gives us something to debate when we've all had a few beers.

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