Saturday, June 19, 2004

best call ever

Even though it had a less than auspicious start, in that I had to tap one of our babies on floor with worsening hydrocephalus on MRI and headed for neurosurg early next week, the rest of last night's call was fantastic, probably the best ward call I've ever had. Five hours of sleep, interrupted only intermittantly by non-emergent pages. Absolutely amazing. I went home post-call and was actually able to enjoy the rest of my day. I did still have to take a 2 hour nap in the afternoon, though. Call room sleep does not replace the sleep that you would've had at home. It only mitigates the fatigue of having been in the hospital for way longer than is healthy.

Speak of sleep, I have to go get some more. I'm on call again tomorrow. Monday is my birthday, so the other residents and I have already decided to meet in the team room sometime around midnight for a little party. Graham crackers and fruit punch containers purloined from the pantry. Fun!

Currently reading: "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter". I just got it at Barnes and Noble today. It sounds like it might be interesting, but the title is terrible. It reminds of of that script that Zooey reads in the bathtub, entitled "The Heart is an Autumn Wanderer." My heart is an autumn garage too.

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