Friday, June 11, 2004


Went to see "Super Size Me" today. So amusing and horrifying all at once. I started to get nauseated halfway through the thing at just the thought of eating that much McDonald's. Actually, the nausea started closer to the beginning, after the guy ate the Super Size Double Bacon Cheeseburger Meal (or whatever the hell that was) and puked out his window in the parking lot.

But herein lies the irony of working in medicine. We constantly tell our patients constantly not to eat so much fast food, to shape up their eating habits, get more exercise, etcetera. But we're total hypocrites, because look at our eating habits! Fast food if we're lucky, vending machine flotsam otherwise. We can't really leave the hospital to get food, and even if we could, the neighborhood is just populated with pizza, Wendy's, the occasional falafel cart. Rarely do we have time to cook food at home to bring in. (Unless there's someone else at home to do the cooking for us--so that's a "no" in my household.) Do you know what I had for breakfast almost every single day when I was on my surgery rotation as a medical student? A bag of Wheat Thins and a Sunkist orange soda from the vending machine. We'd get into work at, what, 4:15am? The cafeteria didn't even open until 7:00am, and by that time, who even knew if we'd have the time to go down there? I figured Wheat Thins was like cereal, and Sunkist was like orange juice. So that counts as breakfast food, right?

However, one other thing that I learned from the movie is that in contrast to the average American, who walks 1.4 miles per week, most New Yorkers walk 4-5 miles a day. Inspired, I went and got a pedometer. I thought if the average New Yorker walked 5 miles daily, imagine how much milage your average intern must get during a day of work, running back and forth, floor to floor, building to building. I'm back in the hospital Monday and on call that same night. So I'll strap on that pedometer and we'll find out.

Currently reading: "The Dogs of Babel". Only 20 pages left. There are some books you don't want to finish, even though you want to know the ending, because then the story will be over.

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