Tuesday, June 01, 2004

new books, new hair

David Sedaris just came out with his new book! What finer summer reading than that? We were just at Border's and I saw it prominently displayed near the entrance, all shiny and 30% off, so of course I had to get it, even though it's in hardcover, and I already read some of the pieces in The New Yorker and Esquire. I'm not going to wait a year for the paperback. I decided a little while ago that I make enough money and my needs are not extravagant enough to put off the immediate gratification of little things, like hardback novels instead of paperback, or seeing movies in the theater instead of waiting for them to come out on video. Unless I wait too long and the movie isn't showing in theaters anymore, and then Blockbusters it is. Hello, "Troy," you're headed in that direction.

Today, I ordered a new Learner's Permit from the DMV, swept the living room, took the dog to the park, and got my hair cut, among other things. The last time I got my hair cut was right before Thanksgiving, which was coincidentally during my last vacation from work. So, I can only get my hair cut when I'm on vacation now? What gives? I guess that when I only have a day or a weekend off, I never feel like doing something as utilitarian or mundane as getting my hair cut. First of all, I have to take the train downtown, and then I sit there in the waiting chairs, a towel around my neck and my hair dripping, all the while watching the clock tick-tick-ticking the seconds and minutes and hours of my free time away, until it's fucking nightfall and practically time for me to go to work again. Gah! A whole day wasted!

To be fair, the hair guy I go to does a really thorough job. They wash my hair twice and do the thinning and layers and blowdrying and ironing and it's all lovely and salon-bouncy afterwards. (Manhattan Tip: for a good, cheap haircut, head on down to Chinatown.) I just don't have patience for that kind of song and dance when I'm working. Nor do I want to go to Supercuts or a Supercuts equivalent, because they suck. I went to one place (one of these Jean Louis Pierre David Jean-George chain-type places in the city) that dried my hair with paper towels! Paper! Towels! You can't even pass that off as being environmentally consicious, that's just straight up ghetto! Plus, most of those places are even more expensive than the place that I usually go to! There's no excuse. I would just rather let my hair grow long and wooly, all Clan of the Cave Bear-style, and wait it out another six months for my next vacation so I can give my regular hair guy a chance to do it right.

My favorite part of getting my hair cut is the hot ironing after the blow-dry. Mmm, straightness. I wish my hair was this straight in real life. I see all these ads for JAPANESE HAIR STRAIGHTENING and am a little bit fascinated, but turned off by the idea that it's basically a perm (only straight, instead of curly), and that it costs upwards of $600. Anyway, my hair is up all the time anyway, so who the hell cares if it's straight or not? And, the fact that I spend almost no money on things like JAPANESE HAIR STRAIGHTENING or fancy clothes means that I can buy my books in hardcover. So there you go.

Currently reading: "Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim". Of course.

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