Thursday, July 08, 2004

class of 2003

Depending on how much you either loved or hated your classmates, the great/terrible thing about staying on for residency at the same institution where you went to med school is that you end up seeing a lot of the same faces throughout your career. (I lean towards the "great thing" side of the picture--even if I didn't love every single personality I encountered in med school, I thought most of my classmates were pretty cool, and moreover, the more people you know in different departments, the more it greases the wheels when you need them to consult on your patients and such.) Today alone I bumped into eight of my former classmates; four in Anesthesia case conference, three in Neurology grand rounds, and one in the hospital lobby. Oh, wait, make that nine former classmates--I forgot that Joe also counts. It's funny, us all being residents now, all responsible and whatnot, when not so long ago we would scheme about creative ways to avoid going to clinic, or how we would sneak out of some boring case or lecture to get frozen yogurt and catch a nap in the student lounge. I wish I could still get away with some of that shit I pulled my last two years of med school.

Currently reading: About Kauai, in preparation for our trip to Hawaii this fall. Thanks for the tickets, ATA.

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