Sunday, July 11, 2004

"spiderman 2," and applying myself

Not to jump on the bandwagon of "Spiderman 2 was awesome," but...Spiderman 2 was awesome! For a summer popcorn flick, it was meaty and had a good story and the action sequences weren't tedious. Though completely fictionalized (the imaginary subway line running above ground through midtown Manhattan), I thought the much-touted subway scene was thrilling, and I loved the depiction of New Yorkers as people who band together and champion their heroes, not just as pushy, ornery, over-caffeinated, over-nicotined lunatics in a big rush, as is the standard movie convention. Tobey Macguire is of course adorable and excellent as Peter Parker (he has this uncanny method of acting scenes entirely with his eyes), and the screenwriters had the good sense to have the story focus on Peter and his struggles rather than on Spiderman fighting the bad guys. The standard superhero element of the story was as expected (scenery-chewing villain, acrobatic hero saves the day and gets the girl), but it's the angst of the protagonist out of costume that really gives the story it's driving force and resonance. Good stuff.

It's a lazy kind of Sunday, and I'm occupying myself alternately reviewing some basic pharmacology and applying for my New York State medical license. I'm aiming to take Step 3 of the Boards sometime this fall, and there's an amazing amount of paperwork and bureaucracy to wade through up until that point. The licensing application even wants to know where I went to high school, and whether or not I graduated. At this point, after college, med school and residency, shouldn't they be able to assume that I'm at least a high school graduate?

Currently reading: The New York Times Magazine article about the surge in popularity of graphic novels and the artists who write them.

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