Saturday, July 10, 2004

saturday night live

I got home by 11am this morning and had a tasty lunch with Joe at this new (to us) Japanese restaurant over by Gramercy Park, sharing a big fresh tuna salad, with a bowl of miso for me. Joe kept saying how he wasn't that hungry, wasn't that hungry, but then of course the second we finished lunch he had to chase the lunch with a cream chese bagel. Hi, we were just at a nice lunch place, why didn't you just order some more food? Never believe it when guys say they aren't hungry.

So we're finally going to see "Spiderman 2" tonight. For a change, it's been me agitating to see the superhero fare instead of Joe (although he must have watched the trailer about 500 times on his computer in the months leading up to its release), and I think that it's because it's been so lauded for having a decent and compelling plot. Also, Toby Maguire in nerd glasses is always good. Maybe he will shed tears in this movie as he did in the first Spiderman, and I will be captivated by his sensitive-guy persona and limpid ocularies.

Currently reading: "Basics of Anesthesia, 4th Ed." Makes me realize that there are so many topics I haven't even thought about since second year of medical school that I really need to revisit. Pharmacology? Anatomy? Biochemistry? Did I ever know this stuff?

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