Wednesday, August 04, 2004

day/night reversal

The unspoken truth about working nights is that you simply don't get as much sleep as you would if you were working days, irregardless of time off between shifts. It's just harder to sleep for a long stretch during the daylight hours. I got home at around 4am last night (the 5 to 2 shift should more accurately be described as the 5 to "2" shift) and could only really manage to sleep until around 9:30am. That's five and a half hours. By then, it was full daylight, the dog was whining for attention, there was construction going on downstairs, and then there's that whole circadian rhythm thing underlying it all. So I got up. Now I'm tired. Five and a half hours is a hefty nap, but as a night's sleep, doesn't quite satisfy.

Since I was up, I made another post office run to unleash another steaming batch of "Scutmonkey" orders into the hands of the U.S. Postal Service. Unfortunately, my wallet and I think we may have to increase the price of international orders by a dollar from now on, just to pay for the shipping fees. Sorry, international orderers! Who new it would cost so much to ship to London? (If you already placed an order from overseas before the price hike, don't worry about it, the extra postage is on me--I just can't afford to keep paying that much for airmail.) I'm shipping it the cheapest rate possible, but still, the postage itself costs more than the production costs of the whole book. As it is, I'm not making a profit, having priced the comic book at just about the level I need to break even. But losing money on the venture probably isn't the best idea either. Good thing I have that crazy day job.

Currently reading: "Candy Freak." After the chapter about Goldberg's Peanut Chews, I had to go to the grocery store and buy a pack for myself. I never tried them before (they looked too much like an old man candy) but they are indeed very tasty. And such cute little nuggets too, like the neat uniform little poos of a dog with OCD.

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