Sunday, August 22, 2004

love, american style

We just got back from a whirlwind trip to Ohio to attend Joe's brother's wedding. Joe was the best man. Or at least the bridesmaids thought so, as they were in looooove with him. It was hectic but a lot of fun, and we got to see a lot of family. Besides, weddings are always kind of a hoot. There's food, there's dancing, there's lovey-dovey feelings atomized in the air, and there's family drama. What could be finer?

It was my first Catholic wedding--High Mass, I think it was called--thus adding to my catalogue of weddings attended. It was a nice ceremony, but by far the longest I've ever been to, what with all the singing and homilies and such. I kept myself occupied before it began by reading a Catholic Church response to The Da Vinci Code, entitled, "The Da Vinci Code: The Facts Behind the Fiction." So now I can say that I've been to a nature wedding (I don't know what else to call it, it was non-denominational and in a state park), a Jewish wedding, an Iranian-Irish wedding, and a Catholic wedding. Oh, and of course, our own wedding, which I would classify as the wedding I remember the least about.

The family. From left to right, there's Joe's sister and her brood, Joe's parents, Joe's brother Tony and his new wife (her name is Michelle too, confusingly/conveniently enough), and Joe and with his mail-order bride.

I like this picture because I look like I'm thinking, "Who the hell is this guy?"

Joe with his sister, grandmother, and niece. I will leave it to you to sort out which lady is which.

Joe's aunt, me, and Joe's mom. All night, people I had never met before were walking up to me and saying, "You must be Joe's wife!" (Some of them called him "Joey," which I found somewhat amusing.) I can't imagine how they figured it out. I guess I was a little conspicuous, like the one grain of yellow rice in a bowl of white rice. Or something.

The one thing I really learned at this wedding (besides the fact that once you tell people you're a doctor, they will never stop talking to you about their problems), is that people will line dance to anything. Seriously. I mean, sure, they line dance to the "Electric Slide" and "The Hustle." And there are organized moves to "The Hokey Pokey" and "The Chicken Dance," I concede that. But line dancing to "Billie Jean?" To "It's Raining Men?" That's just insanity, people. Get your freestyle moves on.

Tomorrow morning, I'm back in the NICU, for another month of pod babies. I'm on call three times in the first week. Painful. But at least that means I'll debulk the rest of my month.

Currently reading: The new issue of "U.S. News and World Report" that has a giant shark on the cover. I find that U.S. News has been having to get less newsy and more magazine-y to keep up with "Time" and "Newsweek." Though they will always have an audience with their stupid school ranking issues, for whatever they're worth.

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