Wednesday, September 15, 2004

one step closer to "queer"

So I just got an e-mail saying that the casting directors of "Queer Eye" want to meet Joe for an interview! Rather, Joe got the e-mail. Only it was sent to my e-mail address, because that's the one I put on the application. They want to meet Joe at the open casting call on Friday, and they want for him to bring pictures of our house. I mean, they probably e-mailed everyone who ever applied for a spot on the show ever, because "open casting" means open casting. But still, we have one foot in the door. And even if he doesn't get picked, we can just tell the story over and over again about how we were rejected from "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," because Joe was just too stylish to begin with. The only problem is that the open casting call is between noon and 5pm on Friday, and Joe works in the clinic up until 5pm at least. This could put him out of the running. But maybe he'll show up 20 minutes late and they will be charmed by his "I was seeing patients, dammit" excuse and just let him interview anyway. Come on. Please? I'll be your best friend?

Some people out there have been expressing doubts that Joe would enjoy being fussed over by The Gays. What, like he would be nervous and uncomfortable, because he might "catch gay?" Well, I assure you that Joe loves that show and is totally psyched by the mere possibility of being selected, even if it is a crazy long shot. His favorite guy is the food and wine expert, Ted, because of his practical skill set. I like Kyan, the grooming guru, because he seems to have a very sensitive side (shown to nice effect in the episode with the toupee guy) and has nice skin. But both of us are puzzled by Jai, the "culture" expert. His role in the group seems somewhat ill-defined.

So anyway, Joe's going to try to finish work in a timely fashion on Friday so that he can take a cab down to midtown to make the interview, where he will be charming and witty. My assignment tomorrow is to take sad pictures of the apartment for him to bring on his interview, so that the designers on the show will want to redecorate the shit out of it. Further updates as events warrant.

Yesterday, we had dinner with Brendan and Narges, in town from Arizona, where Brendan is doing his neurosurgery residency. Seven years in Arizona, huh? I sure hope they like it out there. They do seem happy with how everything is going, although this is the most tired I've ever seen Brendan, who usually maintains a baseline hypomania.

I just bought a new fall sweater, and am happy that it's cool enough to wear it out.

Whenever people come in from out of town, they want to have sushi. I guess there's a lower density of sushi places in Arizona versus New York.

I was actually surprised that Brendan was up for sushi, because he had apparently gotten food poisoning from the meal on the plane, and had been vomitting all day. I thought we'd be going to the dry toast and tea cafe. But no, he insisted on sushi.

Clearly this is the picture I should have sent in for Joe's "Queer Eye" application.

Brendan, Joe, Narges and me. It occurs to me we hardly have any couple-friends who aren't in an interracial relationship. We are the world, we are the children.

Tomorrow's my last day in the NICU until February. Next week, I'll be starting my month in the PICU. Only one letter off, but a whole different world.

Currently reading: "The New Yorker." They actually had an article about "Da Ali G Show," specifically about Khazakistan's response to Borat. Hilarious. Also, I finally finished "The Time Traveler's Wife." I was getting a little confused towards the end, because I couldn't figure out exactly what was happening (spoiler alert, do not read ahead if you have not read the book but intend to -- like what the hell happened when he got shot by Clare's dad, and how come he didn't die until later, at the New Year's Party? Jigga what?) but it was a sweet story, and very sad indeed. I didn't cry, though. Because I am made of stone.

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