Thursday, September 09, 2004

there is no "p" in our "ool"

Help, there's something wrong with my computer! In specific, there is something wrong with my keyboard, and to be even more specific than that, there is something wrong with my "p" key. First, it wasn't working at all, which created minor difficulty logging into my user account, because my password contains the aforementioned letter "p" in it. After logging into the administrator account and disabling the password protection function on my account, I was finally able to log in, only to use the only trick in my arsenal against any and all computer difficulties--the good old hard reboot. Only it didn't work this time. Now my "p" key is working, after a fashion, but the thing is that when I push the "p," what shows up on the screen is "pkpk." So when I want to write "p," I have to erase all the other nonsense characters that are popping up around the "p." And the worst is that the problem is spreading to characters in orbit around the "p." Suddenly the "o" and the "l" are acting up too, not the mention the period and the comma. S=o instead =of being ab/le t=o write a n=orma/l sentence[, it c=omes =out /l=o=okping /lipke this;. Do you know how much editing it took to make this paragraph legible? Ten minutes worth. This is no way to live.

Joe says he thinks either my keyboard driver needs to be reinstalled, or that I just need a new keyboard. However, I'm standing by my current theory; that my computer is possessed. Possessed by a demon that hates the letter "p."

Currently reading: "The Time Trave/ler's Wife;." Maybe my pkeyb=oard is time trave/leing t=o the distant future[, where the w=or/ld is a /l=ot m=ore re/laxed ab=out pkunctuati=on;.

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