Wednesday, November 10, 2004

the ones that got away

So I'd been eyeing this pair of "Amber/Parchment" nylon Sauconys for a while. They are a lovely burnt umber and on sale and besides, if you have a job where you're wearing the exact same outfit at least every fourth day, why not get all sassy with your comfort-shoe wearing self? Anyway, one of the PICU fellows has a pair of Saucs (he calls them by their nickname, they're so intimately acquainted) that he's been wearing since residency, and he says they're the most comfortable shoes he's ever owned. Sounds like an easy sell. But even though they were on discount, I hemmed and hawed. I looked at the shoes in my closet. I weighed my need for more shoes versus the desire for new shoes, and decided that it was simply desire that was driving my yen. But I still wanted the shoes. I even put them in my little shopping cart in the "Saved Items--To Buy Later" section, so that if I did change my mind or decide to throw fiscal responsibility out the window, there they'd be, waiting for me.

I decided to go visit my shoes online today. But wouldn't you know, they're sold out in my size. Dammit! I knew I should have bought them before.

Wouldn't you know it, they're available half a size larger and half a size smaller than I wanted. But no 6-1/2. I actually do wear a size 6, but I like to leave a little extra room in my sneaker for gym socks or post-call foot expansion. So while I could convince myself to get a size 6, that's just a one-way ticket to regret. As for the size 7, they're just plain too big. Believe me, I've made these mistakes in the past. I know that my feet are not that adaptable.

Dammit. I should have bought those shoes.

They do have other colors still available, though. Unfortunately, those colors are ugly as sin.

What the fuck is that? Do I look like Smurfette? Or how about this one:

That one would be great, if I were on the math team and ate my own dandruff. Or how about this one:

Maybe if I were a tennis pro from the 50's. And there's nothing like a pair of white sneaker to scream "HELLO!!!! I'M NEW!!!!" These green ones I actually think are pretty cool, and so renegade in pointing the opposite way from the other shoes...

...but it doesn't matter how much I like the green ones, because I had my heart set on the "Amber/Parchment" ones. I wanted the Aaaaaaamber/Paaaaaarchment ones! Why did they sell out? Why?


Currently reading: The article in the New York Times "Dining and Wine" section about gourmet ramen restaurants in the city. Have you guys seen that movie "Tampopo"? Ramen fever coming to New York, it's like my dream come true. Now I'm all hungry.

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