Wednesday, November 10, 2004

cara is a goddess

Within hours of my posting my shoe lament, Cara of from doctorsquared posted a reply that she found Amber/Parchment Saucs in my size on Eastbay! Oh, lovely shoes. I snapped those puppies right up, boy. Thanks so much, Cara! I'm wearing those badboys the next time I'm on call. As Ward Senior, I'm sure all the extra traction will come in handy.

So that's one great thing about having an online journal. Nice readers help me find shoes. I should have mentioned that perk to Jen during my interview for the alumni magazine, though I didn't know about "Operation Shoe Find: Mission Accomplished" at the time we were talking.

The interview was fun, by the way. I found out that Jen and I overlapped our time at the Wellesley News (though she was much more involved at the administrative level than I), and I learned about some of the bloggers she was interviewing for the article. All my questions have been answered. I'm a simple girl. Anyway, I'll be interested to read the article, and will link to it when it comes out in February if there's an online version available.

Currently reading: Bouncing between "The Corrections" and The New Yorker.

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