Tuesday, December 14, 2004

christmas card roundup

I never really did Christmas cards before Joe and I got married. But now I do, because Joe is some sort of mega card-sending guru, and if I didn't pitch in or mail out a few, I would feel like the biggest slacker on the planet. This year, like last year, we ordered up some photo cards from Ofoto. Here's the photo we took:

Click the photo to see it even bigger. Aside from blowing up our mugs to monstrous proportions, the only reason you would want to magnify is to see that the text on our pagers read "NO PAGES." And underneath, the text on the card, "Silent Night". Oh, but we are so clever. And lame, with our Photoshop skillz.

We addressed a bunch of the cards today, in preparation for me stamping them all and unceremoniously dumping them off in the mailbox tomorrow morning. I addressed some to my high school friends, friends from college, friends from med school, and my family. It didn't take terribly long. And then I realize why I never sent out Christmas cards before. I hardly know any people at all.

Currently reading: Just finished "Friday Night Lights". Good book, and the first one in a long time that I've been able to finish in just two days. Well, except for comic books. Big thanks to Claire for the recommendation! I keep telling Joe he should read it too, since he grew up in Ohio and played football in junior high, but I know he won't, because he doesn't read for leisure for some reason. Next on the list is "Sideways," which is getting quite a lot of attention these days since the movie based on the book just got nominated for a whole mess of Golden Globes.

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