Thursday, January 27, 2005

grilled veggie sandwich of deliciousness

I just made the greatest sandwich ever. It takes a little bit of work, so maybe you should save it for a dinner sandwich, but it is good, and healthy besides.

What you will need:
One red pepper (though any color should be OK, it's just prettier with red)
One zucchini
Two portabello mushrooms
Herbed goat cheese (or no herbs, if you're not an herbalist)
Olive oil
Bread (I got a loaf of challah, because I'm Jewish like that)

It may also be nice to have:
One of those George Foreman Grills or some equivalent--however, I'm sure an oven would work just as well.

What you need to do:
1.) Wash the vegetables and cut them up. Might I suggest just cutting the pepper in half and squashing it a little so it lies flat, and slicing the zucchini on the diagnoal into 1/4th inch slices? You don't need to slice the portabellos, they're already in grilling form.

2.) Drizzle veggies with olive oil, and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

3.) Smush in Foreman, or put on pan in oven. Cook until...cooked.

4.) Meanwhile, slice the bread, and toast. Spread with goat cheese. Be sure you got the spreadable kind, not the weird crumbly kind, or this will be difficult.

5.) Layer on veggies. May I suggest one portobello, one pepper half, and a few zucchini slices?

6.) Eat it in front of others to make them jealous.

(Serves 2, so I guess you could share with the jealous person if you were feeling magnanimous.)

* * *

A special thank-you to Mimi for reminding me about this website: Babies Named a Bad, Bad Thing. For anyone who has ever seen some kid running around with the name MacKayleigh Shavondalee and thrown up a tiny bit in your mouth.

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