Monday, January 31, 2005

pregnant couple friends

I had an overnight shift in the ER Saturday night/Sunday morning, and getting on the train afterwards to go home, I was dismayed to see that there were no empty seats for my half-hour ride downtown. My first thought: "I can't wait until I'm the size of a dump truck so I can guilt people in giving up their seats for me." But I am not yet the size of a dump-truck. So far I am only the size of a Honda Civic. So no seat for me.

After a very long nap on Sunday, we went out for dinner with Ray and Susan, who are our first official Pregnant Couple Friends. Well, we have another set of Pregnant Couple Friends, but they live in Florida, so whatever, forget them. I was kind of excited at the prospect of bonding with other baby makers--finally, people who know what we're going through!--but since we're all residents, we ended up talking about medicine for most of the night instead. Is it possible for residents to ever get together and not talk about medicine? The answer is no. Unless you convene a group of residents from separate and far-flung countries so that none of them speak the same language. But even then, I'm sure we would find some way to rehash The Stupidest Consult I was Ever Called On and My Worst Overnight Call Ever through elaborate hand signals or interpretive dance.

It's the last week of my Reading Elective, and I haven't done half as much goofing off as I was planning to. At least I finally caught "Closer" at my local multiplex. Those are some attractive actors, I'll tell you what. I wish I could go out and get a cute little bob like Natalie Portman, it's very Amelie and gamine, but I just don't think I could pull that off. Either that, or I would look like I was four, because that's the same haircut I had back in 1982, when my hair still obeyed the laws of physics.

Currently reading: "Raising a Reader: A Mother's Tale of Desperation and Delight," a book that Coleen mailed me a few days ago. Cletus had better grow up nerdy-style, reading books like a fiend, or we're shipping him back. There were some interesting tips in this book, and a nice booklist at the end (we give away lots of these books at our Peds Clinic for the Reach Out and Read initiative, so I've actually read many of them), but I can't stand it when people just can't get over how adorable and precocious their own children are. Gag me. Especially if I ever end up doing this.

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