Sunday, August 28, 2005

my life as a scullery maid

What I don't understand is how Joe can act so exhausted when I ask him to watch the baby in the morning if I haven't asked him to do any of the overnight diaper changes or feeds. It's 7:30am, for chrissake! That's late! I think this kid has wrecked my ability to sleep in.

So while the sleeping beauties were sleeping, I decided to tackle the bottle mound. Never in my life have I longed for a dishwasher, but dealing with Cal's five thousand bottles and plugs and caps and nipples and pump parts have had me reconsidering my stand on being a hand-wash-only kind of household.



Keep in mind that all this waste is only from yesterday afternoon. Imagine the horror of a 24 hour pile-up and maybe you understand why I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night screaming.

* * *

And now, some miscellaneous baby pictures:

getting ready for our outing yesterday

He doesn't look thrilled, but generally, he enjoys his bath

Night vision post-bath

Waiting for his next meal, clutching at himself
in the fear that it may not come on time

* * *

Thanks for all the computer opinions, everyone. Right now in terms of laptops, I'm leaning slightly towards the 15" Powerbook despite the price in the interest of making us a single-operating system household, and just because I feel like I should just see what all these Mac enthusiasts are talking about. I wonder if I should get a laptop at all, though--seems like I could get a lot more for the money, even within Mac, if I were in the market for a desktop. Honestly, I'd be using the laptop mostly as a desktop replacement--there are very few instances in which I've thought, gee, I wish my computer was portable so that I could take it to Starbucks and get all territorial with the outlets. And as for being portable for presentations, I do have a portable Flash drive already, so having an actual portable computer seems less important. Maybe it would be fun to have a portable computer for trips and stuff, but honestly, it's not like I go on trips that often. Anyway, we're going to be carting around so much baby gear anytime we go anywhere now, I feel like the first thing we'd jettison would be the computer. And we have a portable DVD player already, so even that's redundant. I don't know...I like the idea of having one of the computers in this house as a laptop, but in terms of bang for our buck, I'm having a hard time reconciling the difference.

Does anyone have the iMac G5? Any opinions? Thanks again, computer peoples!

Currently reading: Reviews of the iMac G5 on MacWorld. Who would have ever thought I'd be reading MacWorld?

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