Wednesday, August 10, 2005

wet dress rehearsal, so to speak

Is there a name for this phenomenon where, after having your first human child, your pet gets downgraded from "child proxy" status to "pet"? Because that's what's happened to Cooper around here. She's stopped being our baby and started being The Dog. I feel kind of bad about it, since she's been so doted on for almost three years, but honestly, given the choice between having the baby sleep in our bed and having the dog sleep in our bed, I choose the baby. I don't know how she feels about all of this--not to anthropomorphize, but I do think that part of her must understand that Cal needs a lot of our attention right now--but I wonder what's going on in that little brain of hers now that she's no longer the Queen of the Universe. (Honestly, she still kind of is the Queen of the Universe, it's just that Cal is the King.)

So it turns out that I have another Grand Rounds to attend tomorrow. This one isn't some JCAHO thing, it's just a regular clinical Grand Rounds with a faculty speaker and whatnot. I wouldn't have thought to attend this Grand Rounds since, you know, I'm on leave, except for the fact that I've gotten about three e-mail from various departmental figures reminding me that I, MICHELLE AU, HAVE BEEN SCHEDULED TO ATTEND GRAND ROUNDS ON THURSDAY, 8/11. So I guess that means I need to go. I'm fine with it, actually. It's nice to have a chance to rehearse our morning routine before I actually have to return to work, and nice to give Georgia (our nanny) a chance to practice her early morning subway commute. Cal's been switching pretty effortlessly between boob and bottle for the past week anyway, so I don't have any worries about that, or leaving him for four hours.

But on the subject of foodstuffs, one thing in particular that I do want to rehearse tomorrow when I'm up at the hospital is my pumping routine. I honestly don't know how feasible it's going to be to have any kind of regular pumping schedule when I back in the ORs, but I want to at least try to keep it up it I can. I even scoped out a good spot with an electrical outlet before I went on leave--in the shower facilities of the women's changing room next to the ORs on the fourth floor. I just want to do a quick run-through if I can tomorrow, and see how much time it will take to get to the room, set up the pump, actually do the pumping, and pack everything back up again. Will I be able to do all this during my 15 minute morning break? Unclear. I guess we'll just have to see.

Currently reading: Dude, I need a new book to read. (A real, non-medical book, I mean.) Even dropped by Borders the other weekend to load up, but nothing caught my eye.

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