Sunday, September 11, 2005

computer update

Does anyone else think that the cartoon butler on "Ask Jeeves" looks just like Stanley Tucci?

* * *

So speaking of computers (kind of), my iMac came! I haven't had a chance to exhaustively test-drive it yet since we had some weekend guests, so my impressions so far are purely superficial. It looks nice. I feel very trendy using it. And it checks my e-mail real good. That's about it so far. Ask me about it again later when I've actually gotten a chance to use it for something else.

Joe's on vacation this week, which means that we've given Georgia the week off and Joe is going to be on baby duty. I think he's much more brave about taking the baby out than I was. He's already planning to take him out to the park every day this week. Please note that I always had intentions of taking Cal to the park while I was on my maternity leave, but it seemed like such a pain to mobilize us both out of the apartment, what with the stroller and the diaper bag and the foodstuffs and everything. I also had some sort of a weird phobia about Cal crying in public and me not being able to deal with it single-handedly. I know, it's strange, but it always just seemed more manageable to me to go out with at least a two-person entourage. Cal's posse.

It works out well with Joe's vacation this week (well, I shouldn't say "it works out well" like it was some coincidence--partially, we planned it this way) because at least for my first stressful non-one-to-one week on Anesthesia, I won't have to worry about getting home on time to take care of the baby. Joe insinuated that I might actually be more stressed out with him being home with the baby instead of the nanny, because at this point Joe is the only person who actually hasn't taken care of Cal alone for more than a two hour stretch, but I'm not worried. I trust that that good fatherly instinct will kick in and keep everyone alive. Also, I'm glad that I scheduled Cal's two-month Peds appointment for this Thursday so that Joe could take him, because even now, two months after the whole bili thing, I don't think I could handle the sight of the kid getting three needles jammed into his legs without getting all Sally-Fields-in-"Steel Magnolias" all over the place, what with the weeping and the ranting. Joe's my Olympia Dukakis. And yes, that makes Cal Julia Roberts.

Currently reading: Patient records for tomorrow's cases.

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