Saturday, November 26, 2005

horn of plenty

We had a lovely Thanksgiving, thank you so much for asking. Even though I was on short call Wednesday evening and had to go into work yesterday, it was all OK, because I was on Peds Anesthesia for the week, and IT'S ALL FOR THE KIDS. Though I'm sure you all wouldn't have minded giving me an extra day off, right kids? Right?

Well then. This Thanksgiving was slightly different from our usual, in that usually, we have lunch at a restaurant and spend the rest of the day lolling around in post-prandial stupor, occasionally summoning the energy to play Super Mario Go Kart on the Nintendo or spontaneously burst into Christmas carol-y song. But this year, my dad is out of town, attending his 40-year high school reunion in Hong Kong. He's probably wearing a lampshade on his head right now, in fact. A Chinese lampshade. Also, we have Cal now, and while we've taken The Boy out to restaurants a handful of times, we'd never taken him to a fancy-pants restaurant, with multiple course and three amuse bouche to start. In fact, I don't even think the fancy-pants restaurant has a changing table in the bathroom. Because fancy babies don't eliminate, apparently. Or they all have Foleys and colostomy bags, thereby obviating the need for diapers.

So no restaurant this year. Instead, we went to my parents' house, where my sisters (Food Network devotees and makers of actual non-frozen foodstuffs) cooked. And lo, it was tasty.

There's my middle sister, slaving over the stove. (Where a woman belongs.) They made a million different kinds of vegetables. It was all very wholesome.

My youngest sister posing with the turkey. Don't get all excited, we bought it cooked already. Well, mostly cooked. We had to throw it back in the oven to get rid of the pink parts.

Meanwhile, Cal took a little nap. We didn't want to put him on the couch in case he rolled off, and the bedroom was too far away for us to watch him, so we just let him sleep on the floor. Because we are child abusers.

I didn't do any of the cooking or preparation, so what the hell was my contribution to the festivities? Well, I will tell you. Official food-taster. You know, to make sure nothing was poisoned. (Nothing was. Carry on.)

All at the table. See how Joe's totally not posed at all, even though he was the one who set up the auto-timer function on the camera.

While we eat, Cal does his best impression of a girl in a Vermeer painting.

He even deigns to sit still for some group shots, even though it really looks like he's just contemplating escape.

Our attempt at a family photo, though Joe points out that I look a little like I have an overactive thyroid in this one, with my eyes all a-bulge.

The postprandial stupor. Though I guess there's always room for another piece of peppermint bark.

Things that I'm thankful for this year: a healthy baby, my family, a job that I like, and the fact that I have the weekend off. Next week I'm back in adult world, rocking it in the cystoscopy suite. Burn, baby burn, prostate inferno!

Currently reading: Anesthesia stuff. Apparently, there's this in-service exam that I have to take in a few weeks that I am really not ready for. How do you devise a plan of study when you have to study everything?

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