Sunday, November 27, 2005

christmas came early this year

Cal got some new toys yesterday. They were kind of supposed to be Christmas presents, but we busted them out as soon as we got home because we wanted him to get maximum use out of the stuff before he outgrew it all. Also, because we are total suckers for this kid. That is the only explanation for us going into Buy Buy Baby "just to look" at the baby containment systems (we wanted to get something that could double as a Christmas tree fence to defend against canine siege) and walk out with $80 worth of baby gear. We are WEAK.

That's one of those bouncy chairs on a spring that you affix to the top of a door. Cal is just starting to get the hang of this one, but he's going nuts with it. Now every time you pick him up, he starts doing the Riverdance with his feet, because he thinks the world is a bouncy seat. Also, because we just can't get enough seats, we got him this:

I think it's called a Bumbo Seat or some such thing. It helps even little babies sit up, as long as they have head control. Also, it is apparently recommended by "Paediatricians and Orthopaedists" the world over. (I believe this is a European product.)

Upon viewing Cal in the seat, Joe said, "Great, now we can use it when he watches football with me." I laughed, because I thought he was kidding. However:

So naive.

Currently reading: Still working through "My Life." Oh my god, this book will never end. I feel like I've been reading it forever, and he's still running for his first term of presidency. Hey, remember H. Ross Perot? That guy was like the mayor of Munchkin City.

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