Saturday, April 22, 2006

force per unit area

In addition to Grand Rounds, there is a weekly lecture series for each residency class that we're obligated to attend after work once a week. Usually the lectures cover academic topics, but sometimes they cover topics that the ACGME deems mandatory, like "Don't Do Drugs" and "Let's Talk About Feelings." This week's topic was "Resident Stress In The Workplace," which I guess is kind of a variation on "Don't Do Drugs," but sort of more pointless, because there's only so much you can do to do about Stress In The Workplace as a medical resident.

The talk detailed some of the risk factors for high stress levels in residency. Among some of these factors were:

  • Female (unclear why this is)
  • Being part of a doctor-doctor couple
  • Having a child

I'm three for three, baby! Which I guess means that according to their research model, I should be on the edge of the George Washington Bridge right now with a brick tied around my neck. But I honestly think I'm just too tired to be stressed anymore.

At least once a week when I come into work, someone asks me if I'm post-overnight call and heading home. I take this to mean that I must just have the face and demeanor of someone who has never slept in life, ever. And you know, some days, it feels like just that.

Currently reading: "Of Mice And Men." For some reason, my copy was sitting on top of the toilet. I think because I was taking a bath the last time I read it. Reading in the bathtub is something I highly recommend if you have the time. Or a clean tub. But right now I have neither.