Thursday, May 10, 2007

the cool kids

Some names of the kids in Cal's music class yesterday morning (we go to Little Maestros, having switched from Music Together because I didn't like his teacher last semester):

Presley (a girl)
Ace (a boy)
Avery (a girl)
Ryder (a boy)
Scotland (a girl)
Greene (I'm...not sure.)

Seriously, these kids are too cool for me. I was almost intimidated of this one kid I saw at the play place the other day, who, I swear, looked like a two year-old Marlon Brando (circa "A Streetcar Named Desire," of course, not circa "The Island of Dr. Moreau.") He was wearing distressed lowrider jeans (yes, I know, all pants on toddlers end up being lowriders, but these were actually lowriders on purpose) and a white wifebeater, and his hair was gelled into these tousled spikes too casually perfect to be accidental. This kid was cool. Probably too cool to let me sit at his lunch table. I mean, if I could fit my knees under his lunch table.