Thursday, May 10, 2007


I was pretty sure that we were in the clear with respect to this whole pet food recall scare (see also: the diethylene glycol contamination of children's medicine in this past week's New York Times--not a lot of good PR coming out of China these days). We had checked the FDA site when this whole thing started and with subsequent updates, assuring ourselves that Cooper's food (Purina One Lamb and Rice Formula) was not on the "tainted" list. So when she started having diarrhea on and off this week, we assumed that it was just a run of the mill gastro, just like she's had in the past. She was acting like her usual self anyway, not vomiting, and eating ravenously as usual when we would let her, so we weren't really too worried.

Today, however, she seemed different. Her tail is down. She isn't running around. She barely seemed interested when Cal dropped a french fry on the floor during lunch today. And when she went out for her walk, she still had diarrhea, only it's worse now--pure liquid, mixed with blood. Having blood in the stool after having diarrhea for a while isn't so so worrying (denuded endothelium, etcetera etcetera), but along with everything else, including the fact that we just started a new bag of dog food a few days ago, it's a little worrisome. We didn't give her breakfast this morning, just plenty of water, gave her a slice of plain bread in the middle of the day, and we're making her some plain white rice for dinner. You know, bland diet, gut rest, no poison, all that.

Despite the fact that I didn't see Cooper's dog treats on the recall list (she gets these Jerky Treats once in a while either as a treat or sometimes mixed in with her food), I decided on a whim to go to Dr. Google and see what he thought. It was then that I saw this recall notice from Del Monte.

We're making a vet appointment for this Saturday.