Tuesday, June 26, 2007

live free or die hard

Do you like stuff? Do you like seeing stuff get blown up? Then you know, you should go see "Die Hard 4". It is a movie starring Bruce Willis that does not involve talking babies. And also, the screenplay was written by Mark Bomback, who is the brother of my old med school friend Andy, a.k.a. "The Prankster" in The 12 Types of Med Students. (Joe was "The Sensitive Soul," by the way. Still is, that sappy jerk.) Even if you think the fact that the last thing the world needs is a fourth "Die Hard" movie, it is pretty fucking cool to be able to make it as a Hollywood screenwriter, or to find success doing any creative endeavor that you love. So...woo! "Die Hard 4"!

(Andy is actually an excellent writer himself--he wrote a personal essay last year that got published in the "Perspectives" section of the New England Journal of Medicine. The New England Journal! You should read it, it's good. In fact, that whole family is so talented it kind of makes me puke.)