Tuesday, June 26, 2007

thomas and "friends"

You know, I think I'd like this "Thomas the Tank Engine" show a lot more if he and his friends weren't such total assholes to each other. They're always calling each other names and sneering disdainfully at the other vehicle's appearance or speed or hygiene or what have you. And then at the end, they learn a lesson, but it's not always such a great lesson.

Like that one where the green train (Henry?) doesn't want to mess up his paint job so he refuses to come out of the tunnel. So then the fat controller (also--why do they always call him that? Mean.) gets so mad that he builds a freaking brick wall in front of the tunnel penning Henry in there FOREVER. (Or at least until the next episode.) "But I think he deserved it...don't you?" intones Ringo Starr. No Ringo, I don't think people should be INCARCERATED for not wanting to get wet.

Luckily, Cal doesn't really understand what they're talking about yet. The accents help too.