Tuesday, June 05, 2007

senior slump

I was starting to get kind of excited about being a third year, even if it has taken me four years of residency to get there. It's more responsibility, but that's kind of exciting too. I'm excited about being TC (team captain, you know) overnight, excited about the possibility of getting to cherry-pick the big cases, excited about the affirmation that time indeed passes, even in residency, and that I may even have learned something along the way. I don't know. It's just exciting. Like the senior year of high school. Anyone want to join yearbook?

However, also like the senior year of high school, there's probably an element of senior slump come June. The current third years, I'm sure none of them will hesitate to tell you, are ready to be done. They're just...done. Enough already. I was checking my schedule this morning in the anesthesia office next to one of our third year residents, who, after noting that he had three big cases in his room, turned to me and growled, "You're going to hate being a third year!" before stalking off in a huff.

Way to rain on my parade, man.