Friday, June 15, 2007

shave and a haircut, 3000 cents

I took Cal to get his first (professional) haircut today. He was just starting to look too much like Ringo Starr, and I thought that a shorter mop might be better for the summer. As you can see, he was not impressed, though I think he looks handsome, and much older somehow.

We went to Doodle Doos down in the Village (you can click on that link, but don't get too excited, their website consists of only one page, a flier really) which was actually very nice and child friendly. There was a person down there (the hairdresser's assistant? The kid wrangler?) whose sole job was apparently to run interference--pointing out Those Funny Things that Steve was doing on Blue's Clues or blowing child-diversionary bubbles during critical moments of the coiffing process. I could have served that purpose myself, but she seemed to be having so much fun doing it that I just let her go crazy.

Cal was overall pretty good. The only parts he really didn't like were the parts where she was trimming his bangs (too much hair falling on his face), and the end, when she was cleaning up his hairline with the buzzer. Otherwise, smooth sailing. Since it was Cal's first pro cut, they even sent us home with some of his hair in a little box, which was a nice thought (maybe if we want to clone him?) but that even a sentimentalist pack rat such as myself will likely chuck into the trash.

He looks good. Not that I'm particular about hair or anything. My instructions to the stylist were (verbatim) "Maybe shorter, but not, like, G.I. Jane or anything." And I have been letting Cal run around looking like Moe for the past few weeks.

Dude, he's going to pick up so many chicks now.

In errata: I just got an e-mail from Ken (and I think that there's actually someone in the comments section that mentioned this too) that there actually is a medical Wikipedia that is written and edited by physicians, called "Ask Dr. Wiki". I think they're still amassing their content, which is probably a huge undertaking, but it looks like the eventual goal is to be sort of a free version of Up To Date. Which, if accurate and well-written, I can really get behind, because, woo! Free! Thanks for the e-mail and setting me straight, I actually had no idea that there was a medical Wikipedia beyond the regular one.