Sunday, June 17, 2007

we've got a lot of explaining to do

Cal wants to know why we've been holding out on him.

How is it that all this time, there has been a show about trains--not only trains, but TALKING TRAINS WITH FACES, Liverpoolian*-accented vehicles who engage in petty rivalries and backbiting all while saying terribly proper things like, "Dear me!" and "Oh bother!"--and all this time we never told him about it?

For shame, world, for shame.

And that even his own parents, who had heard about Thomas the Tank Engine from other grown-ups, hadn't investigated such programming, because they wanted to spend "quality time" with him and wanted to do right by his education and growth, under some vague AAP-fueled notion that too much TV time was not good for kids?

Folly, grown-ups. FOLLY.

Cal would like to continue on this line on inquisition, however, he has a lot of episodes of Thomas to catch up on.

Currently reading: On a related topic, thousands of Thomas toys have been recalled due to the discovery that they were embellished with leaded paint out of China. Yes, China again.

* Apparently, it's actually Liverpudlian, not Liverpoolian. Bollocks!