Thursday, September 06, 2007

Medical Specialty Stereotype #3: Family Medicine

Oh (awkward segue ahead!), speaking of family medicine, our cut rate eBay Duplos arrived. It is now funny because we have gone from being Duplo-less to obscenely well-stocked with Duplo over the course of just a few weeks, but man, you can't beat that deal. (The whole haul was $37, and I picked the cheapest possible shipping, which is why it took so long to come.) I am pleased. The box arrived the afternoon that I was on call, but I made Joe take pictures.

Here is a picture he took of the great bathing. Overall they were pretty clean, but some were a little dusty and scuzzy, with thin rinds of grime. Ew.

Drying off some of the animals and accessory pieces. (There are some more vehicles too, not pictured. There was also a battery operated light and siren for the firetruck, but Joe didn't see it buried in the rubble and threw it in the bathwater with all the other bricks. It may already have been defective when we received it, but either way, it sure doesn't light up now.)

Look at the farm what I built! Here's the part where you may question whether or not I really got this for Cal or for me and Joe. We have been having a little too much fun with these things overall. Joe especially, who recently built an elaborate fire station and spent five minutes explaining to me the structural innovations. ("See, the guy comes up the stairs here, and can slide down the slide through this door here to the command module, where he can jump down to this platform there..." etcetera.) Construction fun aside, I am charmed by the vintage nature of these Duplo, which, while in fairly good shape, are clearly holdovers from an earlier era. There's one lady wearing an an Icelandic sweater with a Dorothy Hamill haircut that I find especially amusing.