Friday, September 07, 2007

Medical Specialty Stereotype #4: Psychiatry

Now that summer has passed, we're currently in the thick of the much discussed Manhattan Preschool Application Steeplechase. Historically, the first Tuesday after Labor Day is the day that all Manhattan parents of the toddler set get on the horn and frantically call up their choice nursery schools, demanding applications (if not already online) and validation for their peerless child-rearing. That was only three days ago, and already we've reached our first hurdle.

One of the schools for which we submitted an application has a mandatory "Admissions Information Meeting." Which is held on a Wednesday. At 12:45pm. Only after attending this meeting, we are told, can we be taken on an private individualized tour of the school (no group tours here, my word) and proceed with the application process.

Who exactly can attend a meeting in the middle of the day during a work week? And what kind of a message are they sending, exactly, to families with both parents that work, scheduling a meeting at that time with no alternatives given?

I'm sorry, but that just rubs me the wrong way. Over my righteous indignation bone.