Saturday, September 08, 2007

Medical Specialty Stereotype #5: Radiology

Coming up tomorrow: the Pediatricians get theirs.

* * *

After that gigantic box came in the mail, I thought may we had gone overboard. I mean, we really do have a shitload of Duplos in this house. But now all regrets are gone. Because you need a shitload of Duplos to do stuff like this. (Architect: Michelle, Structural Engineer: Joe, Creative Consultant/Best Boy/Key Grip: Cal)

Welcome to Lego Haus. Might I invite you for a tour? Here is where the Lego women sit to have brunch and talk about their menses.

Below you can see the rear view of Lego Haus, including the sadistic mother and daughter team which stand on the balcony to watch hapless victims slide into a brick wall.

Here is the lounge where the Fire Chief and the Police Motorcycle sit and rest, before descending the stairs to the atrium where the indoor helipad is located.

The next time people ask me what plans I have for my Friday night, I think I should just keep my mouth shut. It's just too embarassing.

* * *

I have to work on inking panels 6 through 12 of the "Medical Specialty Stereotypes" strip this weekend. The heat is on. If I don't get it done by Sunday night, I won't be able to continue serializing them for next week. Nothing like a little bit of time pressure to help get the job done.

I don't technically run ads on this site, but: My med school friend Andy just published first novel. It's available on Amazon and everything. The book is fiction, but it's all medical and shit. Also, it looks sad, so you can read it and cry and then think about how non-sad your life is in comparison. I think people should order it because Andy's a really good writer, and it's just generally inspiring to see well-rounded doctors out there. I just bought my copy. (I also pre-ordered Chris Ware's "Acme Novelty Library #18" and the new Adiran Tomine book, "Shortcomings.")